Thinking about “what’s next” in your SAP roadmap? Is a specific solution right for my company? Once the initial implementation is done, many customers just don’t know what to do next. How do you decide? Is it based on strategic direction or tangible business benefits? When is the right time to introduce a new module, feature or function? Are your business processes set up effectively – have you truly followed best practices? For some mature SAP customers, their business practices were established in an environment based Release 3. Now that ECC 6 is here, have you updated your practices to effectively leverage your SAP footprint?

Fokis DirectionBuild a road map that will align with your companies short term and longer term initiatives. Establish buy in from key constituents and execute a direction guaranteeing quick wins to maintain the momentum you have previously established. Identify how an SAP Centre of Competence would fit in with your organization – is it right for you? What model should you leverage?

We can help Fokis your analysis and deliver a direction that is right for you – affordable and effective. Just ask us and we’ll show you how.

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