Going to SAPPHIRE? This year help Fokis give away some Goats

Of course, we are talking about real Baby Goats.

We would appreciate some of your valuable time one-on-one while in Orlando so that we can better understand your staffing needs in 2019. Let’s give back while we do that.

In previous years Fokis Services has generated excitement at Sapphire with some great health based personal tech give away items such as the Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit and last year Oakley Sunglasses.

A great friend of Fokis suggested that this year our customers would appreciate helping giving back in a charitable way, and we like it! We polled our customers and friends and they all really like the idea, so this Sapphire Fokis will be giving a charitable gift for each meeting we hold. We hope you will join us at the usual Fokis “Poolside Booth” for some fun and conversation.

This year you can choose between the charities listed below.

goatsAs a premiere supplier of SAP Consultants in Canada, Fokis Services is a proven and trusted source of the best SAP Talent for Full Time and Contract roles.

A baby Goat is called a Kid, and this year in appreciation of your time meeting with us, you can help Fokis give a baby goat to a needy family in a developing country, or choose one of the other 2 charitable options. You decide where your donation will go.

Plan Canada Gifts of Hope – Give the gift of a baby goat to a family in need. Helping families create a sustainable means of providing food.

7 Days in May – Fokis has been a proud supporter of 7 Days In May since it’s inception in 2012. Pancreatic Cancer is the deadliest of the major cancers with over 4,800 Canadians dying each year. 75% die within the first year of diagnosis, 93% within 5 years. Let’s help end pancreatic cancer in our life time.

Water First – Canada is blessed to have the largest supply of fresh water in the world. Every Canadian should have the right to access clean drinking water. Your donation will help fund this important charity which is working to provide safe drinking water for all Canadians.

Enter your contact information below and so we can reach you at Sapphire and setup a time and place to meet and choose who your lucky charity will be.

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