The market for Consultants and Sub-Contractors who really master their skills is also tight. Everyone is trying to place solid, experienced staff onto their projects, and in this hot market options are minimal at best. While you are planning your next SAP program, short term talented staffing to execute that plan is hard to find. Is it the experience of a specific configuration? Upgrading an industry solution? Implementing a new module for your company? Regardless, we know the skills that you are looking for, and we know who can deliver on your project.

What separates Fokis Services from our competition? Hands on field experience. The founding partners have a combined 40+ years of project related work in the SAP market in Canada. For many of the consultants that we recommend, we have worked with them before in a project or support environment.

For those that are new to us, our experience allows us to identify and quantify the required skills quickly and effectively. If Fokis puts a candidate to you for consideration, you can rely on the recommendation. We guarantee it.

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