7 Days In May


Fokis Services is a proud sponsor of the 7 Days In May Foundation, which raises important awareness and funds for Pancreatic cancer research. Pancreatic cancer is a deadly affliction – less than 5% of diagnosed patients survive more than 5 years. One of the best ways to prevent the onset of pancreatic cancer is to be physically active. Cycling is one of the best all around exercises and is easy and affordable for everyone, which is why Fokis chooses to sponsor the event.


7 Days In May is designed for riders of all abilities. There are two aspects to 7 Days In May: a single day riding event featuring rides of 25KM, 50KM, 75KM and 160KM; and a 7 day event where riders make their way around Lake Ontario.

To learn more about 7 Days In May please visit their website at 7daysinmay.com