The Savvy Project

Now you’ve done it! You have started a new enterprise program to implement SAP or significantly enhance your current platform. But, even early on, something doesn’t feel right. Costs are higher than expected. A few dates have been missed. Despite reassurances from your program team and your hired consulting firm that this is normal, you aren’t certain. Something in your gut tells you there’s a problem even when nobody else is listening. Now what?

At Fokis Services, we know how projects should be run. Our team of expert program and project managers has collectively implemented literally hundreds of successful SAP projects. In their careers, our consultants have worked for major system integrators, outsourcers, or SAP directly. They have completed large global deployments, and rapid local implementations. Bottom line: we know how to manage a project to be successful – from the start and throughout a project lifecycle.

When you need an expert to oversee and help you manage your system integrator or your overall project, trust Fokis. We have seen it all and we know how to help you manage your program successfully. And we do it at an affordable price. Manage your risk. Control your costs. Fokis can help you with both.

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