The Savvy Operation

Your project is complete, your team has had it’s wrap-up party and the system is online. But you may find yourself asking:

  • “How do I transition out of this project, and how do I begin managing my day to day SAP issues?”
  • Do I need to maintain a relationship with my system integrator?
  • What about managed services or outsourcing – what are my best options?
  • “How do I begin incorporating new SAP add-ons into my current SAP landscape?”
  • “How do I go about managing my SAP team?”
  • “How do I go about ensuring that my team’s knowledge base grows?”

Fokis’ SAP Consultants have worked many project life cycles through to completion, and are experienced in day-to-day SAP Operations as well as system upgrades, enhancements, and more. We also have experienced Program Manager’s and educational consultants available who will assess your team’s knowledge gaps, and make informed recommendations that will strengthen your organization’s SAP professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Should I hire more people to build up my internal team? When should I use sub contractors to augment my team? How do I find the right people and the right mix? That is the core business of Fokis Services. We are here to help you succeed during your project and after go live. Contact Fokis today to learn more about how we can help.

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