Savvy GO-Live

It’s the last step – the cutover to go live. The data is cleansed and ready to be imported. Enhanced and revised procedures are documented and well understood by the business community. The end user training is finished and the business users are ready to use the new system. The performance tests are complete and the sub second response time is ready to roll out across the company. Your support team is trained, understands your new configuration, and is prepared to manage your new SAP environment. All systems go!

Or are they? Can you answer a confident “yes” to these issues? This isn’t a complete list, nor is it meant to be. Do you know the other questions that you should ask? We do.

Fokis Services represents a team of the most experienced and successful SAP consultants in Canada. They have collectively been through hundreds of go lives and cutovers – successfully and without incident. If you need that extra set of eyes to help you on that final step in your project, you can trust Fokis to tell you the truth. What your risks and issues will be and how to mitigate and how to avoid them.

Don’t take that final step alone. Fokis Services will make sure that you’re ready.

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