Become SAP Savvy

What next? SAP is a functionally rich, comprehensive environment. Most likely, your organization has licensed capability that it hasn’t turned on yet. How do you take advantage of the full power of SAP? Fokis Services can help. Our founders each have over 20 years of hands on, active SAP experience. We know the product and we understand the roadmap. Our team of expert consultants can provide deep insight and review of what you have and what is “best” to turn on next. To help you actively manage your valuable SAP license and make the most out of this precious resource.

Fokis can provide much more than a roadmap, however. On an on-going basis leveraging our expert SAP Consultants will allow you to continue getting the most out of your SAP installation. Should you establish an SAP Centre of Excellence? How should you staff it? Where in the organization should your SAP team report? What are your hiring and training plans? How do you retain your key people? Fokis Services can help you answer all of these questions and more.

At Fokis, we want you to become SAP Savvy. Make the most of your important investment. Do you want to become more SAP Savvy? Contact Fokis today to learn more about how we can help.

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