SAP Capital Projects

sap capital projects

Fokis Services provides laser focused SAP Specialists with rare skills who have been part of many project teams over many years in many stages of our customer’s investments. Our expertise extends to global delivery providing compressed time lines and a more rapid realization of the value of your Capital Investments. Specializing in SAP we are typically called upon to help global companies deliver new technologies, localization expertise, and speed to value. 

The Co-Founders of Fokis Services are proud of their almost 50 Years of combined experience in SAP initially as SAP Clients, then as proud employees of SAP, and now as consultants and Premiere Services providers. Fokis Services is currently an SAP Customer and a member of ASUG (America’s SAP User Group). We are  a proud Premiere Services Provider to SAP Canada and also boast SAP America as a client. While we do provide consultants directly to SAP Customers, we primarily engage our consultants on SAP projects thru our valued partners such as (in no particular order) SAP Canada, SAP America, IBM (Experis), Deloitte Consulting, PWC, Capgemini and other smaller SAP Partners.

In the early stages of your investment, access to rare SAP skills not common in the marketplace is critical. Our long standing involvement with SAP around the world, and especially here in Canada, gives us a unique view, access and knowledge of what is needed and which of these rare skills bests suits each client best.

To make the most of your Capital Projects, engage with a partner who has SAP clearly in Fokis.

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