Are You SAP Savvy?


We believe that SAP has developed the premiere enterprise platform on the market – for companies of all sizes and in most industries. But not every company’s SAP experience has been positive. Troubled projects, runaway costs, complex technical environment, and expensive resources are issues that some companies have faced. These aren’t issues with SAP. They are issues with how projects have been run in the past. Fokis Services is here to help guide you and ensure that those issues, and other challenges, don’t impact your organization’s success.

There are a few key questions you have to ask yourself to determine if you are a Savvy SAP Customer:

  • Do I have the skills in-house to run and manage our own program?
  • Are you ready to adapt to “best practices”, or is your organization determined to operate as it does today?
  • How will SAP integrate with the other core applications and infrastructure in your current environment?
  • What is the real total cost of ownership of SAP? What are your options to manage SAP effectively and control our costs and risks?
  • Should you outsource?
  • How should you build your team? Enhance their skills? Leverage external resources?

There isn’t a cookie cutter answer to any of these questions. It takes years of experience and proven success to help you answer these questions quickly and effectively. Fokis Services represents a team of highly skilled consultants with years of experience and successful projects to draw from. Our skills run from program leadership, executive coaching, and resource management to deep, technical hands on configuration and business process understanding.

Before you start your next SAP adventure, contact Fokis Services to learn more about how we can help. We know how to make you successful. Effectively. Affordably. Reliably.

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