SAP & Social Media – What You Need To Know…


People are talking about your company, your competitors, and your industry on Social Media. That information belongs in SAP and we’ll help you get it there, but the technology is only part of the story. Social Media is very topical. Who doesn’t use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, or other on-line tools and communities. Which channels best fit with your company, the messaging you want to manage, and the image that you want to project to you customers? If people are talking about you or your products, where are they talking? Or, are they even talking at all? How would you know?

Social Media is exciting, but it’s also unchartered territory for many companies. At Fokis Services, we offer a holistic approach to Social Media. Yes, we do have experienced consultants who know how to track, record, and report on your Social Media metrics. Through our selected strategic partnerships, we also can help define the right metrics, assist you in defining what you can interpret as “successful” or “concerning”, and show where to look and how to quantify what is being said and by whom

In your industry, how well do you use Social Media in comparison to your peers? Who are your peers? Should they be?We’ll help you take a step back, evaluate which “forest” you should be playing in, and then help you identify the right “trees” to Fokis on and really define and enhance your Social Media channels, complementing your overall corporate marketing initiatives. Use Social Media as a proactive tool, not something to do because you think you have to… Fokis can help.

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